Safe Food Handler

Certificate Program


Safe Food Handler is an ANSI accredited program (Accreditation ID 1243) you use to earn a food handler certificate. It is designed for new food handlers just starting in the industry, as well as experienced food handlers looking to renew a certificate.

The Safe Food Handler program includes three paths. Everyone starts with the Fast Path.  The optional Master Path  and Team Path are  designed for on-going mastery or use by teams and groups.

The mobile application “Safe Food Handler" guides you quickly on the Fast Path of seven levels of instruction, quizzes, and examination (assessment). The Safe Food Handler app also issues the certificate and eBadge.

Participation Requirements

Here is what you need to use the Safe Food Handler Certificate Program.

  • Have access to an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet and know how to use mobile apps.
  • Download the Safe Food Handler app by Cogneti. This mobile app will guide you through the Safe Food Handler Certificate Program.
  • Register and authenticate your name and email address.
  • Pay the program license fee ($15 or less). Payment is made within the mobile app.

NOTE:  Safe Food Handler is the name of the app for Apple users. For Android users the program app is called Food Handler Certificate. 

Three Paths to a Safe Food Handler Certificate

The Safe Food Handler Program includes a Fast Path to quickly earn a certificate, a Master Path to build expertise over time, and a Team Path if you are leading a workplace team or classroom.


Certificate App

The Fast Path is where everyone starts. It most directly earns you the Safe Food Handler program certificate.

Either of two mobile apps will deliver and guide you through this program.

  • Safe Food Handler is for the Apple iPhone or iPad. Available on iTunes or the App Store.
  • Food Handler Certificate is for Android phones. Available at Google Play.

NOTE: Both apps sign you in with a single registered account and advance you through the same program. So, you can switch between any device or either program, and you’ll be working towards the same food handler certificate.

To earn your certificate, complete these steps

1. Use the LEARN function to view the seven levels of course instruction. For each level read the material and practice your recall by taking a quiz. Do this several times to increase your recall and skill. Experienced food handles may simply need a quick review.

2. Complete a ten-question QUIZ on at least four of the seven levels of instruction.

3. Pass the EXAM with at least a 70% score. If you do not pass an exam, you must complete additional quizzes before attempting another exam.

When you pass the exam, you will be issued a course certificate valid for 3-years along with an eBadge. The eBadge works as a handy and portable form of the course certificate. The eBadge includes a unique number that anyone can use to verify your certification at the  website.

Training Accelerators advance you through the program

Accelerator 1: Use Coins and Peeks to immediately locate the right information to answer any quiz question – a great way to quickly learn!

• Earn Coins by reading subject views.

• Redeem Coins for Peeks.

• A Peek button shows just the right information needed to answer a quiz question.

Accelerator 2Skill Level measures your subject coverage and recall for each course level.

• Skill Level is re-calculated each time you take a quiz.

• Use the quiz a few times and get closer to 100%.

• Your goal is a Skill Level of Expert.

Accelerator 3Quiz Time measures the time you took to complete a ten-question quiz.

• Aim for a Quiz Time of Fast as a Cat (two minutes or less!).

• Fast quiz times show confidence and easy subject recall.

Accelerator 4Page View Tracking will check off the course pages that you’ve viewed. This helps you track what you’ve read and what you haven’t.

Gamepack App

The Master Path is an optional set of fun training activities that increase your recall and expertise. The Master Path keeps you from forgetting!

Food Handler Gamepack is the app used in the Master Path, found on both Google Play for Android phones and tablets, and the App Store for iPhones and iPads.  It provides games based on quiz questions and keywords from the Safe Food Handler Program course material. The Gamepack lets you select any one of the seven course levels as the focus of gameplay.

The Master Path is great for individual play, pre-shift meetings, and classroom challenges.

Individual Play

Use the Gamepack by yourself several times a week throughout several months.

Pre-Shift Meetings

As a restaurant shift lead or trainer, use the Gamepack as part of a 5-minute training spotlight. Ask your staff to download the Food Handler Gamepack app. It’s free.

You might structure a meeting as follows

FOOD SAFETY FOCUS: Begin with a food safety industry news story from the News to Use section of Emphasize how common food safety challenges are in the industry. Spend about a minute on this.

GAME INVITE: To start the game you selected, give staff members the 4-digit game-code. They enter the code, and you’re all in the same Gamepack game!  This should take maybe 20-30 seconds.

GAME PLAY: A Safe Food Handler game like Sherlock will last about three minutes.

RECOGNIZE and CHALLENGE: Acknowledge the person with the best score and encourage everyone to practice food safety.

Classroom Challenges

As a food safety instructor, invite the class members to download the Food Handler Gamepack to their mobile phones or tablets. This app is free. For a break during instruction, play a short classroom challenge. Follow the pre-shift meeting outline above. Perhaps focus on a specific course level, Foodborne Illness or Personal Hygiene. You may then blend the Gamepack into your instructional schedule.

Team Tools

The Team Path adds Team Tools that make the Fast Path and Master Path work very well for teams, organizations, and classrooms.


Anyone that starts a Safe Food Handler program can act as a lead and invite up to 200 people to be part of the program. If they choose to join, the invitee will join joins as a member. Each invited member must purchase their own license* to participate in the program. And Also, each member has to individually comply with the certificate program requirements, including passing the exam.


Any member can ‘follow’ any other member to be notified of their progress through each course level. This works very well for the Trainers commonly used within restaurants


Recommended as an occasional activity during a pre-shift meeting, a review of the standings page will show the skill levels of all participating members of the game. This includes receiving notifications on your iPhone or Android as someone that you follow begins a new level.

Activity Count

The weekly learning activity of every user is continuously counted and shown in a top-5 list of active users.

Group Reports

Weekly or monthly reports can summarize all of the participation and certificates (eBadges) earned for your classroom, restaurant sites, or workplace teams.

Post Certificate Activities

  1. Issued Certificate: When you pass the exam, your course certificate is issued. It identifies you by name and shows an expiration date. It also has a unique badge ID that can be used to validate the certificate at
  2. eBadge: You can email, print, order a laminated form, or otherwise use the eBadge. It serves as portable evidence of the Safe Food Handler certificate. The eBadge is sent to your email address. Save it.
  3. Re-Issue Course Certificate: The Safe Food Handler certificate expires after three years. You may obtain a re-issued course certificate, by completing the program again. You will have to complete a quiz on four of seven course levels and, yes, you’ll also need to take and pass the exam.
  4. Practice and Skills Maintenance: The Safe Food Handler app is a tool to practice and maintain your skills any at time and any place. If you forget the holding time for food at a catered event, you’ve got the answer in your pocket on your phone. The app is a reference for you to use.
  5. Gamepack App: Use the Food Handler Gamepack to continue building your expertise over time. We learn best through play.
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