Publish your program as apps for iOS, Android, and web devices

Cogneti builds certificate training programs as simple mobile apps

Design your own certificate program with web-based authoring tools
that fully meet ANSI accreditation standards.


Safe Food Handler Program

The Safe Food Handler program is ANSI-accredited. Cogneti’s learning accelerators quickly guide you on a FAST PATH to your food handler certificate and eBadge.

Food handlers start here!

Create certificate training for business!

We think 3-Path training program will work great for your Front-of-House staff.
Use the Cogneti CoursePort app to add your own material, including drink and menu items, to our baseline FOH course.

Training is then made available to your staff using mobile and web apps, learning accelerators, built-in quiz and exam assessments, and certificates/eBadges.

The 3 Path training program guides your team into increased sales,
improved operations, and better customer service.

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The 3-Path Training BASICS

Cogneti creates 3-Path training programs for high-performing restaurant employees & teams.
Certificate App, Gamepack App, and Team Tools match your staff’s specific needs.

The Safe Food Handler program shown above is a great example of 3-Path training.
It is uniquely effective. 3-Path training can be easily used to deliver your own front-of-house employee training.

Certificate App

Get new hires quickly on the floor! With proven competency and low impact on your other staff. It delivers a fully qualified certificate program as a mobile app. Learning accelerators self-guide the new hire along a Fast Path to certification. ANSI accreditation is available.

Gamepack App

Why stop training after new hires pass an exam? The Gamepack is perfect for 5-minute training spotlights and classrooms. Individual or group play builds expertise over time. Sales go up. Costs kept down.

Team Tools

Simple & low management effort for sites, teams or classrooms. Delivers a fully qualified certificate program as a mobile app. Learning accelerators guide your new employees easily along a Fast Path to certification. ANSI accreditation is available.

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Our Safe Food Handler app is a great example of
what we can build for your business


Cogneti learning tools

Your Cogneti-based certificate program will give you these competitive advantages, based on mobile-first design, game mechanics, and ANSI-ready analysis tools.
  • Simple install and access
  • Self-guided engagement
  • Effective recall drill
  • Clear skill assessment
  • Useful and accurate exam reports
  • Certificate tools
  • Continuous program improvement
  • Timely instruction updates

We claim Cogneti’s training programs to the ONLY realistic choice for certificate training programs
that target classrooms, workplace teams, mobile/seasonal worker communities.

There are simply no other reasonable options.

These claims are based on how Cogneti training is uniquely designed,
and then delivered as simple mobile apps.

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