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User License and Terms of Use Agreement



This Agreement is between you (the individual) and Cogneti, LLC, as described below. By accepting this Agreement, it is understood that you have read the Agreement and that you agree to abide by the Agreement.

Cogneti’s Safe Food Handler Certificate is valid for three (3) years from the date of issue and credentialed by the Cogneti Certificate Service. This certificate can be verified using the Cogneti website. Our course is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

ANSI Safe Food Handler Certificate and Cogneti Issued Badge

  • You agree that levels one and two of the course are offered for free. Payment is required to access all levels and the course certificate exam (premium content). You will be prompted to enter payment information when you try to access premium content. See Course License below for further information.
  • You may use the Cogneti Certificate and issued Badge as proof and representation of your successful completion of the Cogneti Safe Food Handler Certificate Course in the manner for which it was approved and issued.
  • You agree to keep the contents of the Cogneti Safe Food Handler Certificate Course examination and all other course communication with Cogneti confidential. You will not use this course information for any reason other than to gain your own, personal Safe Food Handler Certificate.
  • You will not give the rights of your certificate(s) to any other person.
  • You agree not to misrepresent the Certificate or the Badge or to harm the reputation of Cogneti, LLC or its course(s).
  • You agree to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and codes in the practice of your service or business.
  • You understand that while the Cogneti Certificate and the Badge may increase your chances of gainful employment. However, you will not hold Cogneti, LLC, their officers, directors, employees, agents or successors and assignees liable for any or all harm in the event of unemployment.
  • You agree that Cogneti, LLC, their officers, directors, employees, agents, or successor and assignees are not liable for any direct or indirect or special damage(s) you may cause to person or place of business during the performance of your duties while being a Cogneti Safe Food Handler Certificate or Badge Holder.
  • You also agree that all feedback you give Cogneti, LLC for its course or exam will become the property of Cogneti, LLC, without payment, royalties, or other consideration to you.
  • This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Country in where the examination is taken or, if different, the Country of residence of the individual taking the course(s) and the courts of that Country will have jurisdiction over matters.

Course license

  • Levels one and two are offered to you at no cost. Payment is required to access premium course content above level two. You will be prompted to enter payment information when you try to access this premium content.
  • The license is perpetual and allows you continued access to all course material and examinations and the ability to re-certify or reset the expiration date of your Cogneti Safe Food Handler Certificate at any time at no additional cost.
  • The license permits you to access the course material using the Cogneti Safe Food Handler App which may be downloaded from Apple App Store.
  • You agree that this is a non-exclusive license to a specific Cogneti, LLC course. The course remains the property of the licensor who is the owner of all rights, titles, and interest in the software. No copies of the software will be made by yourself or others unless expressly authorized by Cogneti.
  • To the best of Cogneti’s knowledge, this course does not infringe on any third-party’s rights,

Invalidating a Certificate

  • You agree if you are found to have violated any terms of this agreement, any current certificate(s) you hold will be invalidated, and you will be permanently ineligible for any future Cogneti certificate(s) and that all current certificate(s) will be removed from our searchable database.
  • You will be informed by email of the invalidation of your Certificate or of your Badge.
  • Once notification from Cogneti has been received, you must cease using the Cogneti Safe Food Handler Certificate and Badge, all associated logos, and any written acknowledgment.
  • If you believe this action was taken in error, you may use our Grievance Process listed below.

Personal Information

  • You agree that Cogneti, LLC will collect, process and use your data to process and track payment for the course, the Safe Food Handler Certificate, your individual exam scores, and your compliance with this Agreement.
  • In all other ways, Cogneti, LLC will protect the information that we hold. Please review our privacy policy at https://cogneti.com/home/privacy.
  • Contact Cogneti, LLC if you wish to change your contact information.

Grievance, Appeal, Feedback and Support Process

As part of the User License Agreement, you may contact Cogneti for any of the following purposes.

  • Record a grievance or complaint about the Safe Food Handler program.
  • Request an appeal of an examination score or result.
  • Provide feedback on the course or the Safe Food Handler App.
  • Request support for service, information, or other action.

You must initiate such requests using one of the following methods.

Cogneti shall identify all such requests with a tracking number and categorize for action as a grievance, appeal, feedback, or support request.

Grievances or appeals must be submitted through the app or email within 14 business days from the date of the event. Cogneti will respond via email within five business days with our decision. If you would like to further appeal, you may submit an appeal of our decision within 14 business days. Within five additional business days we will review your appeal and issue a written final and binding decision. No additional appeals will be heard after our final and binding decision.

Cogneti will attempt to provide an initial response to all support requests within 48 hours.

Cogneti will record feedback and make it available during periodic program review and audit.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Cogneti follows all applicable provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and will not discriminate against any individual applying to take any of our courses due to a disability as defined by the ADA. Cogneti will provide reasonable accommodations to a person with a disability (defined by the ADA) who has informed us of that disability, provided that any accommodations will not constitute an undue hardship to the company. If special accommodation is required, you should contact Cogneti at contact@cogneti.com. We will consider all factors including, but not limited to, the cost and nature of accommodations, available tax credits, deductions, or outside funding, and decide if we can provide the requested accommodations. Cogneti will inform you of their decision on the request. If we deny your request, you may enter a written appeal which includes statements of why the accommodations are necessary. We will review the request, and if the appeal is denied, that decision is final.

Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination

Our courses are open and available to all persons, worldwide. Cogneti follows the law in policies that separate or exclude individuals due to their race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, sex, sexual preference, or on any other protected category.


Definitions of terms in this Agreement:

Accreditation Authority is the nationally or internationally acknowledge agency with oversight and decision-making power of the industry.

American National Standards Industry (ANSI) – A nationally and internationally recognized non-profit that oversees standards for products, services, personnel, and systems in the United States.

Badge is the visual representation of a user having successfully completed the Cogneti Safe Food Handler Certificate course and having received a passing grade on the course exam. The badge may be received as a laminated, credit card-sized, photo identification for an additional fee. Badges capable of user printing will be emailed to the user on satisfaction of all course requirements.

Certificate and its associated logo and the written acknowledgment show that you (the individual) have successfully passed the exam(s) for the certificate course(s). The Certificate is an acknowledgment that you have passed only the certificate course(s) for which you have been successfully enrolled and for which you have passed the exam(s). Cogneti, LLC may add additional Cogneti certificate courses from time to time.

Certificate Examination (Exam) is the test of skills or recall which is a requirement for successfully completing a course(s) and receiving the Safe Food Handler Certificate or the Badge, both of which acknowledges your completion.

Cogneti Certified Badge Holder is the individual (you) who has successfully passed the exam for the Cogneti certificate course(s).

Cogneti Certificate Service validates the Exam results, issues a unique certificate ID, and keeps the student (certificate holder) records as available for three years.

Confidential Information is any information that is contained in or relates to the Cogneti course(s) or exam(s). It also includes any communication which has not been made available to the general public. This includes exam questions and answers. It does not include information that is available to the general public, the information you developed independently (by yourself) as long as it does not include Cogneti confidential information.

Courses are Cogneti, LLC Safe Food Handler Certificate Course as described and governed by this Agreement

Logo(s) are the Cogneti, LLC image(s) used in the course(s), exam(s) and badge(s) and the ANSI logo attached to this course. You agree not to use the logos in any way that was not intended by Cogneti, LLC. From time to time, Cogneti may revise the artwork at its sole discretion and will post the most current version at www.cogneti.com.

Premium Content (Paid Content) is course material contained in level three and higher. Premium content includes the course certificate examination. Purchase of premium content is perpetual and allows the user continued access to the course and the ability to re-certify or reset the expiration date of their certificate at any time at no additional cost.

The Term is the amount of time the certificate remains valid based on the standards set forth by the Accreditation Authority. Cogneti Safe Food Handler Certificate and the Badge is valid for three years from the date of issue.

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