The Gamepack Continuous Training is fun, very effective, and free!

For you
Fun building long-term safety skills
For Food Teams
A simple compliance program
For Classrooms
Train in and out of class
Without the Gamepack
With the Gamepack!

Gamepack Science

The benefit is proven and clear. Active recall, variable and spaced repetition is the ONLY way to build long-term skills.

As a Mobile app, Cogneti's Gamepack is designed for ideal training engagement. Anywhere. Anytime. By yourself, or as a group.

The Safe Food Handler Gamepack extends the training value of the ANSI-Accredited Safe Food Handler Certificate Program

Gamepack works great for groups & teams

You can share a single game with others. Just share the 4-digit Sherlock Code. Invite your teammates to play and improve your skills with our continuous training tool.


Where people are training right now

How Sherlock works

Sherlock is a picture-puzzle game that builds food safety expertise. It is based on proven learning and game-play mechanics, as explained below

How to Play

Answer ten food-safety questions to fully reveal a picture puzzle that you must correctly match to one of four choices

  • Earn a few points (about ten) for each food-safety question correctly. Then a random set of tiles reveal part of a picture, else the tiles will BLOCK the picture by turning red.

  • Earn a LOT of points (more than a hundred!) when you correctly match the picture puzzle.


Gamepack benefits
for you and your organization

1. Confidence and quick recall of food safety info – where and when you need it.

2. Compliance with best practices for continuous safety training.

3. Reports that show user participation in continuous training programs.

Give it a test drive – for free!

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