Safe Food Handler Gamepack is a companion learning tool to the Certificate app.

Play food safety games to build recall!

Have fun and improve your skills

Earn a coupon for SFH certificate app


A Continuous Training program for yourself or a whole team

The Gamepack App makes a continuous training program on Food Safety fun and engaging. Course content is converted to games designed for classrooms, workplace meetings, or just played for fun personal growth. Compliance-grade reporting is part of the Gamepack.
Start playing:
  • Sherlock: Sherlock is a picture-puzzle game that improves your Safe Food Handler recall skills. Correctly answered questions reveal pictures from one of several categories.

    You earn points from correctly answered questions, and by correctly matching the picture to one of four choices.

  • A Rag Man: Key-word anagrams build food safety expertise!

Gamepack works great for groups & teams

You can share a single game with others. Just share the 4-digit Sherlock Code. Invite your teammates to play and improve your skills with our continuous training tool.


How the Gamepack works

The Gamepack is a companion tool to the Safe Food Handler Certificate program app. The program’s content and quiz questions are automatically extracted and made part of the Gamepack! The result is a learning tool that builds recall in a fun way and builds expertise over time. This repeat-recall cycle is the proven way to build our human memory.

Gamepack benefits
for you and your organization

1. Confidence and quick recall of food safety info – where and when you need it.

2. Compliance with best practices for continuous safety training.

3. Reports that show user participation in continuous training programs.

Give it a test drive – for free!

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